Social Media planning can sometimes be a little hard, but this is why we provide a Social Media Calendar for you to help strategize your social!

The month of April has a few items to help drive your business, and gain more reach. Check out the specific notes on these dates from the Social Media Calendar!


If you aren't getting the Social Media Calendar, download it here!




April 1: Post A Prank

  • Frozen Breakfast?

  • The night before April Fools' Day, pour your kid's favorite cereal and milk in a bowl, add a spoon ... and then stick it in the freezer overnight! The fun will come when you serve them breakfast in the morning ... only to find a frozen surprise.


    April 7: World Health Day

    The celebration takes place on 7 April every year and marks the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948. World Health Day began more than 70 years ago to bring awareness to important health issues. This years focus will be on climate change, reducing the health burden of air pollution, building climate-resistant health systems, and protecting vulnerable populations from environmental hazards.


    April 9: National Unicorn Day

    Photo Cred: Jinger Brinkley, Big B’s


    April 13: Scrabble Day

    Showcase your letter colors so your followers know what you have in your inventory


    April 14: Gardening Day

    Share a display with flowers, bugs, butterflies or share a gardening tip relevant to your area.

    Photo Cred: Elaina Boling, The Yard Life


    April 20: Wacky Wednesday

    Offer a CRAZY discount!


    April 21: Kindergarten Day

    Contact a local school and offer a discount or FREE display!


    April 22: Earth Day


    April 23: World Book Day


    April 25: National Wildlife Day

    What is your favorite wild animal and why?


    April 27: Babe Ruth Day

    Feature a Baseball Display in honor of this legend George Herman Ruth, known to the world as “Babe Ruth,” was the first sports superstar.


    April 29: Funny Friday

    Share a "Dad Joke" and have your followers comment with their best ones too!


    Hopefully you have found some of this more elaborate explanations helpful to you, and you see some success from the execution! Feel free to message us if you have any questions or comments!



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