Social Media planning can sometimes be a little hard, but this is why we provide a Social Media Calendar for you to help strategize your social!

The month of December has a few items to help drive your business, and gain more reach. Check out the specific notes on these dates from the Social Media Calendar!


If you aren't getting the Social Media Calendar, download it here!



December 1st: Christmas Light Day

Find local Christmas Tree Lightings, Community Lightings or House Lightings and make a list to post on your social pages. Make sure to include dates and times. Also, check if there are any Lighting Tours available. (My community has a “Griswold” house that has a massive number of lights that is set to music on a specific station on the radio.)

Feature battery operated Christmas Lights on your outdoor displays in the month of December!



December 3rdth: National Bartender Day

Share your favorite holiday cocktail recipe, and ask your customers for theirs! Set up your "Cheers To" setup, or something similar!

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December 4th: Santa’s List Day: Naughty or Nice Promotion

Santa’s List Day is the day each year when Santa makes his list of children that have been naughty or nice, so he knows what to bring them for Christmas. Santa learns who has been naughty or nice after hearing from his elves.

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    December 5th: Christmas/Holiday Quote or Fun Fact & Schedule Social

    Fun Fact: Santa has more than 30 different names. In Hungary, for instance, he goes by Mikulas, while those in Brazil refer to him as Papai Noel. He’ll also answer to Hoteiosho in Japan, Julenisse in Norway, and Pere Noel in France.


    December 9th Your Story: Christmas Tree

    Post a picture or Go LIVE with your Christmas Tree. Let your customers know if you get a real tree or artificial. Do you go cut your own tree down? Does your tree have a theme? Is there a special ornament you always include? Who gets to put the “star” on the top of the tree?

    Ask your customers to share their Christmas Tree photos


    December 12th Gingerbread House Day & Schedule Social Media

    Fun Fact: If you think that putting together a regular-sized gingerbread house is tricky, try making one that’s big enough to walk into. In November 2013 a group in Texas constructed a gingerbread house that was 160 feet long, 42 feet wide, and 10.1 feet tall. Made with a wood base, it reportedly took 1,800 pounds of butter, 7,200 eggs, 3,000 pounds of sugar, 7, 200 pounds of flour, and over 22,000 pieces of candy to cover the record-breaking structure!

    Make a gingerbread house with your family and post a picture of it on your social. Ask your followers/customers to post pictures of their gingerbread houses. Giveaway a Starbucks, Target, Visa gift card to the best gingerbread house.


    December 14th Santa Photo Op

    Create a fun display including a photo frame at your house, your child’s school, or community park and invite families to come take pictures. Include Photo Props that they can choose from.

    Make a list of “where to visit Santa” opportunities in your community and share on social.


    December 16th Your Story: How are you helping others for the Holidays?

    Post a picture or Go LIVE with what you or your family are doing to bless others for the holiday season. Are you packing shoeboxes for Compassion International? Are you volunteering at a homeless shelter or the food bank? Is your family participating in Adopt a Family or a Giving Tree? What about donating gifts to Santa Cops or sending cards to residents in a nursing home or soldiers overseas? Make sure to Tag or Link these organizations to your post.


    December 19th Christmas/Holiday quote or Fun Fact & Schedule Social

    Fun Fact: Around 28 Lego sets are sold every second during the Christmas season.



    December 23rd: Christmas Movie Marathon Day

    Home Alone is the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time in the US, earning $285.76 million at the domestic box office.

    Take a Poll on a favorite movie!


    December 26th: Holiday Quote or Fun Fact & Schedule Social

    Fun Fact: Nearly 90 million dollars’ worth of gifts are returned each Holiday Season. Here is a list of the top 10 returned items: clothes, men’s dress shirts, shoes, make-up, athletic apparel, kitchen appliances, glassware, video games, home décor, and tools.


    December 28th: National TikTok Day

    • Time to get brave and create a TikTok Video to share.
    • Post a picture of your TikTok “inspired” yard cards.


    December 31st: New Year's Eve

    • Fun Fact: Forty-five percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. The top resolutions are to lose weight, get organized, to spend less and save more, to stay fit and healthy, and to quit smoking. While nearly half of all Americans make resolutions, 25 percent of them give up on their resolutions by the second week of January
    • Take a photo ahead of time of a New Years Setup to share with your audience!


    Hopefully you have found some of this more elaborate explanations helpful to you, and you see some success from the execution! Feel free to message us if you have any questions or comments!



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