Yard Card Supply was founded in 2019 in response to the non-existent wholesale market for yard card rental companies. The founding partners Jinger Brinkley and Vanessa Kelley both operated independent yard card companies, and were frustrated with the lack of unique content and over priced materials. Quickly following the launch of the company, the world was impacted by a global pandemic. YCS weathered the storm and helped over 5,000 business owners begin their journey in yard carding and/or expand their current business to include yard card services. Our company, content, policies, and practices have been “built by yard carders; for yard carders”. Our staff is comprised of 99% yard card business owners who’s locations stretch from Washington State to Florida! We truly understand what yard carding is and what our Cardies need – because we do the job every single day. 

About the founding partners – Jinger Brinkley & Vanessa Kelley 

Jinger has been working in graphic design for over twenty years. She leveraged her loved of design and yard carding to create designs and sets which focus on versatility. Each set is created to fulfill a design need, theme, or purpose. Most of the products you see within the industry were introduced by Yard Card Supply. Flash®, Flash® Quick Sets (aka EZ Sets), accent panels, Flash® & Flair (aka one and done) – are just some of the yard card specific innovations introduced by Yard Card Supply. 

Vanessa’s background was in education, and this passion for training gave us the opportunity to build a community which thrives on collaboration, education, and encouragement. Our Facebook community has over 6,000 members where they share tips, tricks, tutorials, and lessons learned on a regular basis. This community is one of the most active and valuable assets of our portfolio. Videos, lives, training events – we do it all. 

In December 2021, Vanessa decided to retire from Yard Card Supply, and balance her attention with her family, yard card business, and a return to teaching.


The real value that sets apart Yard Card Supply is our team. With a combined 15 years of experience in the yard card industry, we have seen it all and we are passionate about sharing our lessons learned with our clients. We do not see you as a number or a transaction – we see you as a partner in this industry and are invested in your success. Our goal is always to assist you in your journey: from start up, established business, or industry leader/innovator. Our staff is available via Facebook, Phone, or Email to support YOU and your business. We never shy away from coaching, training, informing, or just cheerleading when you need a pep talk. 

Thank you for making Yard Card Supply your vendor of choice!


Jinger- Owner/Founder

Originally from Detroit, Jinger is an Army Veteran and Navy (Ret) Spouse putting down roots in NE Florida. In addition to her time in the Army, Jinger worked in corporate human resources and administration. She is mom to 3 great kids and a DIE HARD LIONS FAN! Jinger runs a very successful Yard Card business in Yulee, FL called Big B's Yard Cards.

Byron Brinkley - Director of Logistics

Byron is the Logistics Director at YCS and happily retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. He enjoys working out, grilling and living free in sunny Florida.

Sheila Rodriguez - Admin & Operations Manager

When you call Yard Card Supply, you are talking to Sheila! Sheila served 8 and a half years in the US Navy as a Cryptologist/Intelligence Analyst before relocating to Yulee, Florida. Sheila joined Jinger Brinkley and Big B's Yard Cards and is married to her husband Gerardo. They have 3 kids and 3 grandchildren with more on the way. Sheila enjoys spending time with her rescue pit bulls Nemo and Dori and vacationing.

Dottie Porter - Production Team Lead/Discovery Calls

Dottie owns and operates 5280 Yard Cards & Denver Balloon Company with the help of her 4 amazing Kiddos! Dottie loves the Florida beaches and is "Team Everything that Bling’s"! Dotties favorite quote is "We are all given the same book in life how you write your story depends on you."

Leah Meschke - Creative Administrative Assistant

Leah, who owns and operates Whidbey Yard Cards with her husband Aaron, is a mother of four, Navy spouse, and music lover. Leah is a stand card installer and YCS glitter lover.

Mike Batzler - Creative Director

Located in Milwaukee, Mike brings 20+ years of marketing practices from several different industries to bring fresh ideas to the team. If you don't see him enjoying photography or video games on his free time, you will find him working on, or riding his motorcycle.

Elaina Boling - Creative Content Specialist

Elaina is the owner of The Yard Life, a yard card company in Fort Collins, Colorado as well as a Creative Specialist for Yard Card Supply. She is married with 5 children and enjoys an active lifestyle. Elaina is passionate about quality products, mentoring, and growing the yard card industry.