Frequently Asked Questions


1: Open your boxes AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

2: Inventory each box for accuracy.

3: If there is anything missing/damaged immediately file a claim.

4: TAKE PICS of your new goodies!

5: SHARE photos on your FB page - letting your customers know you've got new inventory!

We are so sorry this happened, please fill out a Claim Form and we will get it dealt with promptly. We stand by our product and will work to remedy.

All orders are printed per your order and so we don't allow returns.

Once your order is processing the production process has begun and we cannot cancel it. 

The way things are printed and processed in our system we unfortunately cannot combine orders. If they are not processing we can cancel your order and have you reorder. 

Once your order is processing it is to late to make a change. In order to have a fast turnaround we put things into production quickly and so it may be to late.



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Our turnaround time is 5-7 days. It often arrives quicker but we guarantee in 5-7 days.

We are a print on demand company, and do not carry inventory in stock. All orders are go into our system and production begins with ONE business day of your order being placed. 

Yes, you will receive confirmation through each step. Once processing your order is going through our production process. Once it ships you will receive a confirmation with tracking. 

Our goal is to protect you and your yard card rental business. We don't want your customers having access to your inventory and pricing. 

We encourage you to get your stuff and take your own advertisement pictures so you can rent out how you will do it. You are welcome to use pictures from the store front and pictures YCS posts on the Facebook page. 

Yes, you will receive confirmation through each step. Once processing your order is going through our production process. Once it ships you will receive a confirmation with tracking.

Please visit our Facebook Group for more information and our blog for resources. 

Although our headquarters are in Florida. We have multiple locations and production does not happen in Florida. All orders will be shipped to recipients and cannot be picked up.

We will only print graphics we have the permission and proper licensing to print. We will not print anything we do not, IE sports team, Disney, Pixar etc... This is copy written material that is illegal  to use, these companies can take legal action against you. We want to protect our customers from this. Need some help doing a theme without the licensed graphics, reach out we would love to help you come up with some ideas. 


As a Business to Business Wholesaler, we need to review and approve accounts for purchasing. We do not sell products to the general public.

We review account requests twice a day. Once approved, you will be able to purchase all of the available Yard Card Supply products!

Please keep an eye out in your SPAM folders for your activation email to set your password upon approval.

You will need to enter your password twice to finish creating it!

1. First confirm you are registered for the online store access. YCS is a trade-only wholesale supplier. You need to register your email/password to gain access to the store. Once you do that we will approve your membership within 2 hours during normal business hours.

2. Already registered try the following, Log out and try again, close your browser and re-enter, or try a different browser (firefox, chrome, etc)...

3. Still having issues email and we will assist you further.

This happened for one of two reasons, either it went to spam or your email was typed in wrong. If not in your spam folder email and we will get your email fixed and a receipt sent out. 

Try refreshing you browser, logging out and logging back in or trying a different browser.