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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Yard Card Supply sell products to?

Yard Card Supply is a Wholesale Supplies company – your customer next door cannot purchase our products.

What do I need to get started with a Yard Card Rental business?

You will need: an LLC or DBA, an account for taxes, insurance to protect your inventory as well as yourself while doing business, a website and/or a Facebook page to reach your customer base, scheduling or invoicing/payment software, and inventory.

What do I purchase to get my inventory started?

Based on your budget:

Modest Start:  Want to test the waters or build inventory as you grow? For under $600 you could start with a Quick Set Flash, an 18” Alphabet set, one Flash & Flair - Accent Only Set, and 10 x 30” Stakes.

Medium Start: For under $1100 you could get a 23” Alphabet set,  two Theme Accent sets, one Full Happy Birthday set, one Quick Set Flash, one Number Set, and Stakes.

Major Start:  With a budget range of $1300 to $2000 you could start with a wide range of “must haves” which can be found in one of our expansive Starter Sets. Hit the ground running with the ability to fulfill various Yard Card display types, as well as eye-catching marketing signs for your business!

What should I charge my customers?

Base the cost of your displays off of a local florist’s custom bouquet price. Figure out how much your time is worth, consider how long it takes to drive to and from the installation location, as well as the time it takes you to set-up/tear-down. Decide what your “Delivery Zone” will be, typically a radius of 10-15 miles is great for starting out. For variety, develop different levels of packages you can offer your customers!

How do I get started marketing my new Yard Card business?

Practice! Setup a Yard Card in your own yard. Offer to do free displays at your neighbor’s or friend’s home, and/or for a local business or school with high visibility. Take photos of every setup and make sure each person you display a Yard Card for has your contact information for future references, and don’t forget to put out your marketing signs! Post pictures of each display you build, even your practice sets, and post them on all social media platforms you use. Some potential customers may not know what a Yard Card is just yet and visuals are the perfect way to show them what you have to offer.



Want to learn more tips on great ways to get started?

Join our Facebook group and see what other Yard Card professionals are doing! It is a great resource to ask questions, and learn tips & tricks



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