The holidays are here and we are SO ready for it. You can help your community create fun filled memories and get rid of a little stress at the same time. One of our amazing Cardie friends - Kristen Peterson from Say It In The Yard (Cape Coral, FL) suggested these three fun and simple displays that can help YOU make the most of your inventory, while helping MOM check something off her to do list!
Many of us love the tradition of Scout Elves introduced by Elf on the Shelf many years ago, BUT as anyone with a scout elf knows - these little elves can be very mischievous. Their shenanigans can very quickly leave parents feeling out of ideas and under pressure. That is where you come in! Here are three GREAT options to offer your clients and have fun.
 Scout elves love to sing and dance especially to Christmas music. Here you see an example of our elf friends having a party right in the front yard! This display is easy and fast to set up. Simply grab your elf friends, a tree and some music notes - pop them in the yard and go! The elves will get the party started as soon as you're on your way!
The elves must have had a great time at their party because they've got the stockings and Christmas tree UPSIDE DOWN! Once again our elf friends have grabbed their favorite holiday decor to have some fun. Adding in a simple and cute message "OOPS" to get the kids laughing and letting everyone know that scout elves are silly too!
3. WE HID 12!
Scout elves are KNOWN for being very fast and they love to hide. Another game they like to play is We Hid 12! When the display is arranged the elves let parents know that there are 12 candy canes available to hide, so the kids can have some fun in the morning looking for these sweet treats!
What other fun ideas can you offer to your clients who have scout elves visiting for the season? We've got a few ideas we're looking forward to sharing this year. And again - we want to thank Kristen for her brilliant ideas and her willingness to help other cardies share the joy of Christmas this year.

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