Spring Cleaning and Organizing Your Inventory.

Who doesn’t like spring? Warmer weather, blooming flowers, the prospect of seeing the sun again, and longer days. That should be plenty to pull us out of a vegetative slump following a long, bitter winter. But just as its tradition to start spring off by getting in some much-needed dusting around the house, spring cleaning also has its place for Yard Card Companies.

This starts with taking stock in what you have on hand—doing an inventory audit. First determine what pieces are in great shape, rounding up anything that needs a little attention, to what needs to be retired for lack of use or interest, and finally what needs replaced. Then wipe down the inventory you are keeping with sanitizing wipes or a wet washcloth and remove any tape or visible residue. Use Sharpie to fill minor scratches if necessary. Post the items that you are not keeping in the buy/sell/trade groups or contact other carders in your area to organize a swap. Next create a Spreadsheet and record each item you have and a list of items that need replaced due to damage, theft or any missing items from a collection (this spreadsheet is necessary for your Commercial Insurance policy as well-(Business Basics: Week Six).



Next, the dreaded task of putting everything away. Whether you have a great system already or are in need of a storage overhaul, check out our blog  5 Simple and Affordable Storage Solutions to get you started. You are definitely going to want to do this during the “slow” season, so you are organized and prepared for Graduation Season!

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Put Your Inventory to Work.

Now, it’s time for your inventory to work for you. Your customers have no idea that you have an entire Gaming Set, or that you can customize names in 14 different colors, or that you do indeed have a purple hippo doing ballet while wearing a red party hat (because yes, a 3 year old requested this). It is crucial to get your inventory photographed and even better to get product shots of your inventory in actual set ups. This allows your customers to visualize what the card will look like in their yard. Our very own, Leah Meshke has a great blog titled, “Photography Tips & Tricks” to make sure your photos stand out from the crowd.

Think about shopping online for a new outfit for an event. Would you rather look at a stock photo of the outfit on a hanger or would you prefer to see it on a model that is similar to your shape and size with photo reviews? No brainer, right? So, update your inventory photos and get them posted on Social and your Website. Don’t have time to set everything up and get photos, then head over to the YCS Facebook Page where there is an album titled, “Product Shots” where group members have posted their photos and given permission for others to use them.



Complete the form at the bottom of this page with a photo of your clean and organized inventory! One lucky member will receive a $25 gift card.


Don’t forget to join Yard Card Supply Business Support Facebook Group, if you haven’t already. You’ll often find additional information, tips, and videos from other carders. Also, don’t forget to check back for the next installment of the YCS Blog where we will be starting a new series about Marketing.



Elaina Boling is the owner of The Yard Life, a yard card company in Fort Collins, Colorado as well as a Creative Specialist for Yard Card Supply. She is married with 5 children and enjoys an active lifestyle. Elaina is passionate about quality products, mentoring, and growing the yard card industry.


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