The basic premise is that you fill plastic Easter eggs with candy or treats and distribute them over the lawns of your customers in time for their egg hunts. Parents are thrilled to have this work done for them, and you can capitalize on the mass appeal of this promotion. A win/win in my book! But how do you plan and execute a successful Egg Your Yard Campaign? Read on for tips and tricks to make your Egg Your Yard a success!


Egg My Yard Supplies

The nice thing about an Egg Your Yard Promotion is that you don’t need a lot of expensive supplies. The basics are just plastic eggs and candy or trinkets as fillers. You want to keep your costs as low as possible without sacrificing the quality. Don’t use candy that no one wants to eat! Also, do not use candy that will melt in the heat and make sure to ask about allergies before filling the eggs. You can get a good deal on plastic eggs at the Dollar Store, as well as small toys, stickers, and candy. You can buy plastic eggs in bulk from Amazon or get eggs and fillers from Oriental Trading.


Set Your Parameters

Before you can promote your Egg My Yard campaign, you need to know your parameters. Make sure you know the answers to these questions first. How many nights are you going to offer? How far are you willing to travel? Will other people help you? How many houses can you do? Are you going to hide the eggs in the yard or just leave them on the porch? Will you include a Yard Card Display or a “We Got Egged” keepsake?  What about a letter from the Easter Bunny? How many eggs will you deliver and how much will you charge? Are you filling the eggs with candy, trinkets, or both?


Advertise Your Egg My Yard Fundraiser

After you know your parameters, it’s time to advertise your Egg My Yard campaign! Make a flyer with pertinent information such as what you are doing, that it is a fundraiser, purchase options, and how to contact you. You may consider having people email you, then sending them a link with signup and payment information.

Share your event on social media and encourage friends and family to do the same. Share in local mom groups and garage sale groups. Neighborhood associations and groups, churches, schools, and daycares are all great places to advertise your Egg My Yard campaign.

Decide how customers are going to book and pay to have their yard egged. Are you going to add it to your website or just have potential customers message you on social? Will you be invoicing, or collecting using PayPal, Square, Venmo, or something similar? Common questions to ask customers are:

  • Address and contact information
  • Number of eggs requested
  • Night of delivery
  • Do they want the eggs hidden in the yard or just left on the porch to hide themselves?
  • Are there any allergies to consider for egg fillers?


Logistics of Delivering the Eggs

If you have communicated well and stayed organized, it will make the actual egg hiding much easier. Host an egg stuffing party and enlist your kids, friends, and family to help. Sort the eggs into bags for each specific order and label them for easy delivery. Don’t forget to include the keepsake sign or letter from the Easter Bunny to each order if you are offering it. Use a navigation app to help you map out the quickest and easiest route for deliveries.


We hope that this guide will get you started on your Egg My Yard Campaign…Happy Egging from Yard Card Supply!



Elaina Boling is the owner of The Yard Life, a yard card company in Fort Collins, Colorado as well as a Creative Specialist for Yard Card Supply. She is married with 5 children and enjoys an active lifestyle. Elaina is passionate about quality products, mentoring, and growing the yard card industry.



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