We asked our community members: How many times does a customer have to see/hear your message before they will make a purchase?

The answer came quickly and was pretty consistent. 7 - Seven Times is apparently the magic number to move a person some potential to purchase. If that data point is still true, has the power of Social Media impacted the art of impressions? Can we as a service based industry tap into the power of marketing, and move our audience from viewing to booking?

Marketing - The Rule of 7

Generally speaking marketing professionals will tell you it takes 7 touch points with a person to move them into the potential client space. There are two main targets behind this "rule" first to earn the TRUST of the client, and second to earn the BUSINESS of the client.

What are some ways we can connect with people and begin moving toward that target of 7?

  • Storytelling - share your day, share behind the scenes, SHARE
  • Pictures - post your work! Every display - every time. Your growth is part of the process!
  • Video - take behind the scenes video and let people see your process.
  • Email - send reminders to past clients when your booking window is open.
  • Checklists - create fun checklists for summer, holidays, or events.
  • GO LIVE - yep we know it is scary but DO IT turn that camera on and share new inventory or a new display.
  • Testimonials/Reviews - do you have a GREAT client who loves to share? Ask them to make a video talking about their experience and post/tag. You can share that content and reach a new group of clients.
The power of social media puts contact with our clients at our fingertips. We can reach them wherever they are - in any season. You have the potential to reach new and exisiting clients seven or more times a day, eventually creating a relationship with them, and in the end having them as a part of your contact plan. Telling their story is sharing your business!

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