Last month, Angelina Pechota posted to the

Yard Card Supply Group

featuring her daughter setting up a Lemonade stand at their home in Michigan. We were so impressed with her daughters setup, we sat down with Angelina and asked her about the setup!


YCS: What inspired your daughter to want to do the lemonade stand?
Angelina: Claire has wanted to do a lemonade stand since last year and honestly, I was just too tired to get it around for her (mom fail).  But, when I saw this set pop up at YCS I knew it was perfect for her stand and we had a garage sale coming up which would be a perfect time.  She Loved her set!  Claire is also a Girl Scout and has learned a lot about approaching people and being the little seller (Top Seller in cookies too, by the way, haha)

Was there something she was saving up for, was she raising money for someone, or was it just for the experience?
Claire wants to give some to the homeless in town and buy a new L.O.L of course. 

Did she enjoy herself while running the stand? 
A: She had lots of fun as the people were super nice and chatted with her.  She had some that did not purchase and she was bummed but I reminded her that "not everyone is your customer, just like in Mama's businesses."

Do you think it was a fun learning experience for her?
A: She did learn about money and change and also that it is a lot of work.  We also need to get a big umbrella for next time, it was hot!

Angelina has been yard carding with her business Front Yard Cards servicing Michigan areas for over a year! We wanted to ask her a few questions to pass along her experience to the rest of the community... and here is what she had to say!

How long have you been a Cardie?
A: 1 year and 1 month

How/why did you get started in the industry?
A: As a side business, I also own a Photo Booth business.  When Covid hit I had to shift and this was my shift and it has been SO Much FUN!   

What’s your favorite letter finish, Glitter, Sparkle, or Solid?
A: I LOVE everything Glitter! 

Could you show us one of your first setups and one of your most recent?
Are you typically a Flash, QuickSet, or Spell-it-out style of yard carder, and why?
A: Within the past 6 months I have converted to a Flash setup but still have a hard time scaling back on flair still.  My setups tend to still be pretty big!  

What have your biggest challenges been during your time carding?
A:  Having that work/family balance.  I also have a Full-Time accounting job and my photo booth business is now starting to tick up too so I have started to rely on a few girls who have helped me over the years to hand some of it to.  I need to train them more and have them do more though.

What’s your favorite, funniest, or most touching Yard Carding moment?
A:  I had a customer come back and tell me that her MIL was the talk of the nursing home when we did her setup.  She said she would show everyone her pics of the setup even after.  Warmed my heart.  

What’s your best installation and/or storage tip?
A: the tall garden stakes have been a lifesaver.  They secure the signs and help stabilize them during high winds. 

If you could sit down with someone looking to start their own Yard Card business, what would be your most important piece of advice?
A:  Know what you are getting into!  It is a LOT of work but so worth it as the Reward is even bigger as you are putting smiles on neighbor's faces and love in their heart. 

What are your top three most used/favorite Yard Card Supply sets or products, and why are they your fav?
A:  That is a hard one!  I combine so many different sets all the time b/c they can be pretty versatile.  I love matchy matchy sets so the Big "Tickets" as some call 
them, the set in those is perfect b/c it has flowers, balloons, presents, candles, all of it!

Thank you to Angelina at Front Yard Cards for sitting down with us to let us learn more about her! 



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