As a Veteran owned company at Yard Card Supply, we decided to write up a quick guide to help you display the American Flag with the respect it deserves. With occasions to display the flag, some people may not know HOW to display it correctly, and this guide will give you some tips and rules to help you!


Things to remember when displaying National Flags in your designs: 

Old Glory, The Colors, Stars & Stripes, the flag of the United States of America has many names. Along with its colorful history, comes many passionate opinions about the use, wear, and display of our Nation’s emblem. Officially adopted, June 14, 1777 the Betsy Ross Flag was the first national emblem adopted by Congress.  

The flag is available in many materials, sizes, and formats – regardless of material or size; use of the flag requires attention to detail. Customers and anyone observing your display may carry passionate feelings about the flag, and appropriate use or placement. Finding balance between art an honor can be intimidating, don’t let that stop you from learning about occasions of use, and appropriate placement.  

As a yard carder there are many times when the use of the flag will be a beautiful addition to your display.  


Some occasions for inclusion are: 

  • Military Homecoming/Farewell 
  • Military Promotion 
  • Independence Day (July 4) 
  • Flag Day (June 14) 
  • Armed Forces Day (3rd Saturday in May) 
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May) 
  • Veterans Day (November 11) 

For more suggested dates please review the US Flag Code 


Things to Remember: 

Keep it simple. Be sure to keep the use of the flag respectful, and place it in a position of prominence.  

The flag should not come into contact with the ground, we suggest using Layering Pins, 24” S&L Stakes or 30” stakes to properly elevate all flag graphics.  

To avoid any “improper placement” The Flag may be used in duplicate on the left and right of a display.  

If a single flag is used the flag should be on “the flag’s own right the observer’s left”. This part may be a little confusing – so here is a simple way to remember  

- The 3 Fs -

If you are looking at the FRONT of your display, the Flag should be on the LEFT. 

If displaying the flag vertically the Union (blue section) should be displayed “the flag’s own right the observer’s left”. Again remember 3 Fs –If you are looking at the FRONT of your display, the Flag (Union) should be on the LEFT. 


Good luck with all of your setups through the summer season, and feel free to hit us up with any questions you may have! Check out some of our sets below that would accentuate the flag!




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