We want to give you the tools to be successful as a Yard Card Rental Business, which is why we routinely do training videos in our Facebook Group to help give you tips and tricks! Over the last few months, we have touched on several different topics for training you to be successful! If you missed any of this valuable information, we put together the Top 5 videos from the last few months that will help your business grow! Let's kick off the list!

Social Media Planning & Engagement

Social Media is the best way to get your business out there for people to share, and social engagement is very important to expand your reach. Jinger goes through the Social Media Calendar and gives you tips and tricks to enhance your social reach! Watch the video here!

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Stand Displays - How to make it work!

Are you a "Stand Cardie"?!? Sometimes you need to use a stand for an indoor display, or to display on uneven ground. Jinger goes through the process and troubleshooting tips used for displaying on a straight stand for these types of situations! Watch the video here!


Collaboration & Building Your Cardie Community

Vanessa sits down with Anne Chapman from Yard Party Signs in Colorado and talks about the difference of "collaboration" instead of "competition". They talk about the value of coming together as a community to share inventory, pass along leads outside of your service area, and also coming together to support each other. Watch the video here!


Let's TACO 'bout Stakes!

Oh crap, I need a 6 x 30 stake to make this work and all I have is 10 x 30 stakes... how do I adapt?! Jinger shares some tips on how to adapt your stakes to make them fit, and other tips on how to adapt while on the jobsite!  Watch the video here!



Building Your Social Media Audience

We sat down with Heather Bennett from Paisley Grace Makery and talked to her about organic growth, and authentic content for your social media. She started her business by holding "Painting Parties" and grew into a multi-location business by being authentic on her social media marketing. She shares tip on how to repurpose your content, and also how to get over your fear of going LIVE on Facebook.  Watch the video here!


While you are watching these videos, be sure to add some comments to the video, or even questions so we can help you further! We hope you find this type of material helpful! Keep Carding!

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