Loving the home life?

Many parents experience an overwhelming need to stay home with their children and often decide not to work at a traditional 9-5 job due to this. However, the truth is that parents can stay at home with their kids while also making an income at the same time. In fact, there are so many stay at home parents who have started their own Yard Card businesses to help support their family’s income and care for their children all at the same time.

Working at home allows you to be a part of your children's routines throughout the day; not just early mornings, evenings, and weekends. You can take a lunch break with your toddler, hear all the day's news when they get home from school, and so much more. Work-at-home parents don't have unlimited time with their kids, but they do have more frequent opportunities to be with their children.  I have 5 children age 10 and under, and they all help me with my yard card business, which allows us to spend time together and teaches them valuable lessons about customer service, finances and entrepreneurship. All of my inventory is stored in our garage so my younger two play while I prep displays. They have actually learned their ABC’s and Numbers by practicing with my yard cards. Working from home also saves money on childcare costs for children who are not yet school age.

Embrace the Side Hustle

Having flexible working hours is one of the biggest benefits to owning your own Yard Card Company. You can choose to work early in the morning before kids are up, in the middle of the day when kids are at school, or late at night after everyone is in bed. You can take your children along with you to do set ups or pick-ups if you are a single parent or just want to spend more time with them. My kids do homework in the car or read books out loud to each other when I take them with me. With your flexible schedule, you can set limits on how many cards you want to do per day or week, as well as block dates that you don’t want to work.

Many stay at home parents need the extra income or need to supplement their previous income in some way. Yard Carding can be a part time gig that you do on the side or it could be your full time career depending on what fits your lifestyle and how much effort and energy you want to put into it. I am the owner of The Yard Life in Fort Collins Colorado. I charge $80 for a Happy Birthday Display in my area. If I do two yard cards per week (about 4-6 hours of my time), that is a total of $160 per week and $8,300 per year. Now, if I’m feeling ambitious and put more into my marketing and decide to do ten yard cards per week (about 20-25 hours of my time), that is a total of $800 per week and $41,600 per year. There are yard carders that are part of the Yard Card Supply group that do 20+ yard cards per week!!! The income potential is limitless.

Extra Cash while still being at Home

Working from home allows you to focus on your lifestyle and emotional wellbeing. You can find time to exercise or pick up old hobbies. It might give you the opportunity to volunteer in your child’s school or in your community. Perhaps you spend more time cooking healthy dinners for your family. Maybe yard carding is the creative outlet that you need to express yourself. All of this can lead to a stronger, happier lifestyle.

Being a yard card owner can give you a sense of purpose and allow you to bring joy to those you serve. Each yard card holds a story with a real person on the receiving end that you get to bless. You can also donate your services to local schools, charities, and events that you are involved with or passionate about. 

So what is holding you back from starting your own Yard Card Business? Take the first step by scheduling a Discovery Call with one of our experts to get more information. The YCS team will be here to support you throughout the entire process.




Elaina Boling is the owner of The Yard Life, a yard card company in Fort Collins, Colorado as well as a Creative Specialist for Yard Card Supply. She is married with 5 children and enjoys an active lifestyle. Elaina is passionate about quality products, mentoring, and growing the yard card industry.



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